Bharti Airtel becomes 3rd largest mobile operator in world

Date: July 01, 2015

Airtel China Mobile Vodafone Unicom

World Cellular Information Service (WCIS) Report

According to the latest data published by World Cellular Information Service (WCIS), Airtel has over 303 million mobile subscribers across its operations and has moved up one position in the global rankings. Bharti Airtel has become the world’s third largest mobile operator with 303 million subscriber. At present Airtel operates in 20 countries.

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China Mobile is the top mobile operator in the world with 626.27 million subscribers. Vodafone Group of UK ranks second with 403.08 million subscribers.

The fourth in the list is China Unicom with 299.09 million subscribers, followed by America Movil with 274.14 million users.

Airtel was founded by Sunil Bharti Mittal in November 1995 in New Delhi (India). It operates in 20 countries across South Asia, Africa, and the Channel Islands.

Airtel has emerged as one of the top brands in the emerging markets in less than two decades with an unmatched scale and diversity of operations.

Airtel’s mobile networks cover over 1.85 billion people across its operations in 20 countries and carried over 1.23 trillion minutes of calls and over 333 petabytes of data in FY 2014-15.

In India, Airtel has one of the largest collection of mobile services offerings for customers – including 2G, 3G, 4G, Mobile Commerce and other Value Added Services.