Digital India Week

Date: July 01, 2015

Wi-Fi high-speed Internet

PM launches Digital India Week 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the "Digital India Week" as part of the larger initiative to empower the people and extend services better with the use of information technology and its tools.

The prime minister also unveiled a logo for Digital India, an umbrella programme that seeks to transform India into a digitally-empowered, knowledge economy with a host of initiatives for a synchronized and coordinated engagement of the government and its agencies.

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The larger goal of Digital India includes broadband connectivity in all panchayats, Wi-fi in all the schools and universities and public wi-fi hotspots in all important cities by 2019. It will be deployed in delivering services in areas like health, education, agriculture and banking.
The vision is centred on three key areas:
              - Digital infrastructure as a utility to every citizen
              - Governance and service on Demand
              - Digital empowerment of Citizens

The estimated impact of Digital India by 2019 would be cross cutting, ranging from broadband connectivity in all Panchayats, Wi-fi in schools and universities, and public Wi-Fi hotspots.

The programme will generate huge number of IT, Telecom and Electronics jobs, both directly and indirectly. The success of this programme will make India digitally empowered and the leader in usage of IT in delivery of services related to various domains such as health, education, agriculture, banking, etc.

The initiative is an umbrella programme designed to integrate government departments and the services they provide to citizens across the country using the Internet. It also includes a plan to connect rural India with high-speed Internet networks.