13 Indian beaches will become Asia’s first 'Blue Flag' environment-friendly beaches

Date: June 12, 2018

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13 Indian beaches will now have environment-friendly resources and will live up to international standards as they are now going to be awarded with the Blue Flag certification.This certification is granted to beaches on the basis of cleanliness standards, being environment friendly and to be equipped with amenities of international standards for tourists.

Beaches from Maharashtra, Odisha and other coastal states will be the first ones from Asia to become eligible for the Blue Flag certification. The Society for Integrated Coastal Management (SICOM), which is an environment ministry body, has been working on the management of coastal areas as per the standards of Blue Flag certification.


About Blue Flag beach-

These beaches will have proper waste disposal systems and access to clean drinking water for the tourists. Knowledge about the coastal ecosystem and sensitive natural areas will also be given to the tourists.

A choice of environment-friendly activities will be offered to all the visitors and fully functional toilets will be available to all.

The rules and regulations will be very strict and no unauthorized camping or dumping will be allowed. Along with this, a list of all the rules and information about Blue Flag beaches will be displayed on the beaches.

This standard certification was established by Copenhagen-based Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) in 1985. The Blue Flag certification first started in Paris. Then, in the next two years, nearly all the European beaches were developed as per the Blue Flag standard.

The Blue Flag campaign then started spreading outside Europe, to South Africa, in 2001. Till date, no Asian beach has received this certification. In India, the Environment Ministry started the initiative of developing Indian beaches as per the Blue Flag certification as a pilot project in 2017.