World Bio-Fuel Day 2017

Date: August 14, 2017

ONGC Natural Gas

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas celebrated the World Bio-fuel Day 2017 on Aug 10.

What is the objective of celebrating “World Bio-fuel Day”?
The objective of “World Bio-fuel Day” is to sensitize youths (school and college going students), farmers and other stakeholders about the benefits of bio-fuel and seek their involvement in Bio-fuel programme run by the Government.


What are bio-fuels?
Bio-fuel is a fuel derived immediately from living matter.

Why do we need to promote bio-fuels?
The energy needs for Transportation and Domestic use in the country requires for 80 percent import of crude. We have to achievea target of cutting down the crude import by 10% by 2022.

A roadmap on the use of bio-fuels will help in achieving this target.
1. Promoting bio-fuels creates jobs, fosters economic growth, supports farmers and helps improve energy security for country.

2. Besides bringing down pollution, biofuels produced indigenously from agricultural waste, plants like bamboo, non-edible oilseeds, or municipal waste will help reduce the country’s huge import burden.

3. In addition, it will boost the economy of rural areas, including the North East and the barren wastelands of the country.