Date: April 15, 2015

HANNOVER Germany India Industrial Fair

HANNOVER MESSE 2015:The World's Biggest Industrial Fair
           ( from 13 to 17 April)


In postwar Germany’s ravaged economy, food supplies were scarce and industry was weaker than ever. The reconstruction was impossible without international support. As far as the British occupying forces were concerned, it was necessary to find a symbol that presented the passion and the economic potential of German workers and entrepreneurs to the rest of the world.So a company known as "Deutsche Messe- und Ausstellungs-AG" initiated the "Hannover Export Fair 1947"

Over the years, the event actually did become symbolic of the German economic miracle. In 1961, the name was changed again: "Hannover-Messe" makes it immediately clear how proud the city was of the role it played in the postwar industrial upturn – a pride which remains intact to this day.

At present it is the world's leading show for industrial technology which highlights innovations and groundbreaking solutions in all the core sectors - i.e. industrial automation and IT, energy and environmental technology, industrial supply, production engineering and services, as well as research and development.

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India is a partner country in HANNOVER MESSE 2015. The theme of thie year hannover messe is "Integrated Industry – Join the Network!" . Stands for the key challenges of the fourth industrial revolution – such as achieving universal standards for machine-to-machine communication, maintaining data security and finding new business models – can be mastered only through collective endeavor in networks.