Anti-dumping duty on Imports of graphite electrodes

Date: February 17, 2015

Anti Dumping Duty Graphite electrode India

The Union Government has imposed anti-dumping duty on imports of graphite electrodes for the period of five years. The amount of anti dumping duty ranges between $278.19 and $922.03 per tonne.The Finance ministry  decided this on the recommendations of the Directorate General of Anti-Dumping Duty (DGAD). 

Objective- The Government aims to protect the domestic industry of  graphite electrodes from below-cost imports.

Use of  Graphite electrode-The graphite electrodes are mainly used for melting of steel by passing electric current into the charge fed into the furnaces.This method of steel making is also known as secondary steel making.

Major Exporter country to India-  China

Anti-Dumping Duty- It is duty imposed by government on imported products which have prices less than their normal values or domestic price. It is a penalty imposed on suspiciously low-priced imports, to increase their price in the importing country and so protect local industry from unfair competition. Anti-dumping duties are assessed generally in an amount equal to the difference between the importing country's price of the goods and (at the time of their importation) the market value of similar goods in the exporting country or other countries.
In India, anti-dumping duty is recommended by the Union Ministry of Commerce, and the Union Finance Ministry imposes it.