Soil Health Card

Date: February 19, 2015

Soil Health card GDP

PM Narendra Modi launches 'Soil Health Card' scheme for farmers

The Prime Minister launched the the centrally-sponsored nationwide "Soil Health Card"  scheme on February 19, 2015  with the objective to improve productivity of soil by the appropriate use of fertilizers, water and nutrients. The program took place at the Suratgarh Nagar Palika ground situated in Rajasthan. 


Government has launched the scheme to provide every farmer a Soil Health Card in a Mission mode. The card will carry crop wise recommendations of nutrients  or fertilizers required for farms, making it possible for farmers to improve productivity by using appropriate inputs.

The Soil Health Card is used to assess the current status of soil and, when used over time, it is beneficial to determine changes in soil health that are affected by land management. The card lists soil health indicators that can be assessed without the aid of technical or laboratory equipment.

Need For Soil Health Card-

Farming contributes nearly 1/6th of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and a majority of our population is dependent on it for their livelihood. Deteriorating soil health has been a cause of concern and that has been leading to sub optimal utilization of farming resources. Imbalanced use of fertilisers, low addition of organic matter and non-replacement of depleted micro and secondary nutrients over the years, has resulted in nutrient deficiencies and decrease in soil fertility in some parts of the country

Soil health needs to be assessed at regular intervals so as to ensure that farmers apply the required nutrients while taking advantages of the nutrients already present in the soil.