Sulabh International's owner Bindeshwar Pathak to get top US humanitarian award

Date: November 02, 2015

waste management sanitation and hygiene

Noted sociologist and founder of ‘Sulabh International’, Bindeshwar Pathak, has been nominated for ‘New York Global Leaders Dialogue Humanitarian Award’ to be given at New York in first week of November. Pathak is the only Indian to be nominated for the award.


Having been involved in activities and initiatives to promote human rights, sanitation and hygiene, waste management and social reforms through education, Pathak impressed the executive board member of New York Global Leaders Dialogue, Pam Kwatra. She met him at United Nations in 2008.

Sulabh, which engages nearly 50,000 people, has constructed nearly 1.3 million household toilets and 54 million government toilets based on an innovative design.
Apart from construction of toilets, the organisation is leading a movement to discourage manual cleaning of human waste.