FAME-India scheme

Date: April 02, 2015

Fame india Hybrid and Electric vehicles National Mission for Electric Mobility

Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles (FAME) – India Scheme


Union Government on 1 April 2015 launched Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles (FAME) – India Scheme with an aim to boost sales of eco-friendly vehicles in the country. FAME-India is a part of the National Mission for Electric Mobility. The scheme envisages providing 795 crore rupees support till 2020 for the manufacturing and sale of electric and hybrid vehicles.

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Features of FAME – India Scheme-

  1- The Objective of the scheme is to support the hybrid or electric vehicles market development and its manufacturing eco-system in the country in order to achieve self-sustenance in stipulated period.


  2- The scheme is proposed to be implemented over a period next 6 years i.e. till 2020.

  3- The Four focus areas of scheme are Technology development, Pilot Projects, Demand Creation and Charging Infrastructure.

  4- The Department of Heavy Industries will be nodal implementing cepartment of the Scheme.

  5- The Phase-1 of the scheme will be implemented over a two year period in FY15-16 and FY16-17.

National Electric Mobility Mission Plan
Union Government launched the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020 in 2013. NEMMP aims to achieve national fuel security by promoting hybrid and electric vehicles in the country. There is an ambitious target to achieve 6-7 million sales of hybrid and electric vehicles year on year from 2020 onwards. Government aims to provide fiscal and monetary incentives to kick start this nascent technology. With the support from the Government, the cumulative sale is expected to reach 15-16 Million by 2020.