PM released India's First National Disaster Management Plan

Date: June 02, 2016

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday released country's first ever national Disaster Management plan in New Delhi.This is the first ever national plan prepared in the country.The plan aims to make India disaster resilient and reduce loss of lives.
The plan is based on the four priority themes of the "Sendai Framework," namely: understanding disaster risk, improving disaster risk governance, investing in disaster risk reduction (through structural and non-structural measures) and disaster preparedness, early warning and building back better in the aftermath of a disaster.


The plan covers all phases of disaster management: Prevention, Mitigation, Response and Recovery. It provides for horizontal and vertical integration among all the agencies and departments of the Government. The plan also spells out the roles and responsibilities of all levels of Government right up to Panchayat and Urban local body level in a matrix format. The plan has a regional approach, which will be beneficial not only for disaster management but also for development planning.