Global Investment Trends Monitor 2015

Date: May 20, 2015

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Asia becomes world’s largest investor region: UNCTAD report

Global Investment Trends Monitor is an in-depth analysis of global, regional and sectorial trends will feature in the forthcoming World Investment Report 2015, to be published in June 2015. It is prepared by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The global investment trend monitor published by the UNCTAD showed among 20 largest investors, nine were either from developing or transition economies.
China became the third largest investor in the world.


Major Findings of the report-

1- Asia becomes the World’s largest Investor destination with total investment of 440 billon dollars in 2014.

2- North America & Europe are second and third respectively.

3- Largest Sources of Outward FDI

            United States
            Hong Kong

About UNCTAD :

    Full Form : United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
    Headquarters : Geneva
    Member Nations : 194
    Established : 1964
    UNCTAD is the principal organ of the United Nations General Assembly dealing with trade, investment, and development issues.

    The Last UNCTAD conference took place in Doha in 2012.