Sukanya Samriddhi Account

Date: January 22, 2015

Sukanya Samriddhi Account girl child post office

A Special Deposit Scheme For Girl Child

The government announced a special deposit scheme for girl child in 2014 and is being launched on 22 January 2015.The account can be opened and operated by the natural or legal guardian of a girl child till she attains the age of 10, after which she can operate it on her own but deposits in the account may be made by the guardian or any other person or authority. 


The government will notify interest rate on this scheme every year. SSA will attract interest rate of 9.1% per annum for the current fiscal year (2014-15). The account may be opened with deposit of Rs 1,000 and thereafter  in multiples of Rs 100 may be deposited, subject to the condition that a minimum ofRs 1,000 will be deposited in a financial year but the total money deposited in an account on a single occasion or on multiple occasions shall not exceed Rs 150,000 in a financial year.


Natural or legal guardian of a girl child will be allowed to open accounts for two girl children only except if the depositor has twin girls as second birth or if the first birth itself results into three girl children.One can deposit maximum of Rs. 1.5 lakh in one financial year. This is the same amount on which tax benefit is available under Section 80C of Income Tax.