Stockholm Water Prize 2015

Date: March 22, 2015

Water man of India Rajendra Singh water conservation Stockholm Water Prize

'Water man of India' Rajendra Singh wins Stockholm Water Prize 2015 

An eminent environment activist & water conservationist  Rajendra Singh has been conferred with Stockholm Water Prize 2015. He was awarded this prize for his innovative water restoration efforts and consistent attempts to improve the water security in villages in India. Rajendra Singh is known for reviving and modernizing a traditional rainwater harvesting techniques in India, and has worked with villagers in the state of Rajasthan to build johads ( traditional earthen dams). He was also awarded with Ramon Magsaysay Award for Community Leadership in 2001.

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The Stockholm Water Prize is a global award founded in 1991 and presented annually by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) to an individual, organisation or institution for outstanding water-related achievements. 

Before Rajendra Singh is four Indian has won the prestigious award. They are,
                    1993- Madhav Chitale.
                    2005- Sunita Narain.
                    2009- Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak.


Suggested question for mains-

What do you understand by water conservation? what are the means and methods of water conservation ? Do you think Indian Government and society understands the value of water conservation, write your openion with suitable examples? (200 words)