22 May:International Day for Biological Diversity

Date: May 22, 2017

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The United Nations has proclaimed May 22 The International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues.The theme for this year is Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism. The theme is in sync with the observance of 2017 as “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development” as proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly. UN has already declared 2011-20 as United Nations Decade on Biodiversity to support and promote reducing the loss of biodiversity.


some facts about the planet’s ecosystem:

70 per cent of the world’s species is found in just 12 countries: Australia, Brazil, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Congo, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mexio and Peru

More than 70,000 plant species are used in traditional and modern medicinal purposes. The Himalayan belt has an estimated 25,000 plant species, comprising 10 per cent of the world’s flora

The ocean constitutes 90 per cent of the habitable space on the planet. By the year 2100, without significant changes, more than half of the world’s marine species may stand in the brink of extinction

98 per cent of Madagascar’s land mammals, 92 per cent reptiles, 68 per cent flora and 41 per cent of its breeding bird species exist nowhere else on Earth

According to the WWF Living Planet Report 2014, between 1970 and 2010, the planet has lost 52 per cent of its biodiversity. Estimates of the number of species on Earth vary from 3 million to over 100 million