India’s Supersonic interceptor missile Advanced Air Defence (AAD) test-fired

Date: November 24, 2015

interceptor missile DRDO Ballistic Missile

India test-fired its indigenously developed supersonic interceptor missile, capable of destroying any incoming ballistic missile from the Abdul Kalam Island off the Odisha coast.

The interceptor, known as Advanced Air Defence (AAD) missile, was engaged against an electronically prepared target which simulated the trajectory of a hostile ballistic missile. AAD is a part of Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Programme. It is an anti-ballistic missile designed to intercept incoming ballistic missiles in the endo-atmosphere at an altitude of 30 km (19 mi).

The interceptor AAD missile has been indigenously developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) under Ballistic Missile Defence Programme. AAD missile is capable of destroying any incoming ballistic missile at lower (endo-atmospheric) altitude, giving full-fledged multi-layer Ballistic Missile Defence system to country.

Length           7.5 m (25 ft.)
Weight           1.2 t (1.2 long tons; 1.3 short tons)
Diameter        Less than 0.5 m (1 ft. 8 in)
AAD is a single-stage, solid-fuelled missile.