Non-callable Deposits

Date: February 24, 2015

CDs Basel norms

Commercial Banks will be allowed to take Non-callable Deposits:RBI

Recently, the Reserve Bank of India announced the banks will be allowed to take non-callable deposits to deal with their  Asset-Liability Management. By allowing this, banks will be able to get long term funds which they are sure will not be withdrawn. So, banks can also maintain balance of their liabilities with assets.

Non-callable deposits-

Non-callable deposits are basically fixed deposits which cannot be broken prematurely. It stands for if  any depositor agrees to deposit a sum of money in a non-callable deposit, he/she will not be able to withdraw it till the end of the contracted tenure. Depositors could earn higher returns as there is security of tenure of deposits for banks.

Callable Deposits-

Callable Deposits on the other hand  is a time deposit with bank/financial institution. In callable deposits a pre mature withdrawl is allowed. There is low interest rate on them in comparison with non callable deposits.

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