Padma Awards 2017

Date: January 26, 2017

sharad pawar jaagi vasudev p.a.sangma

The Centre has announced the list of Padma awardees which included names of chef Sanjeev Kapoor, singers Kailash Kher and Anuradha Paudwal.The government had begun inviting nominations for the awards in May last year and received around 5,000 entries, from which 500 names were shortlisted in December.

This year, the Padma awards have been conferred to the distinguished personalities for their achievements in different fields.This year, the government has also conferred the award to some personalities who have done exceptional work but may well known.

Hailing the unsung heroes, in a first, the Modi government is conferring the Padma Shri to 15 real heroes from different walks of life and what makes this even more special is that several of the Padma awardees are the people's choice.

From Jalpaiguri in West Bengal, Banskantha in Gujarat to a small village Vatakra in Kerala, awardees transcended geographical boundaries.In another first, citizens of India participated in the nomination process for the Padma awards.

There was an exhaustive online procedure from May to September 2016. The process was entirely bipartisan.

From PA Sangma, Sharad Pawar and Congress leader Kapil Sibbal's brother Kanwal Sibbal made it to the list on grounds of leadership and excellence.

This year's Padma awards typifies diversity-- age no bar, caste no bar, creed no bar the criteria was simply excellence, innovation and self-lessness

Beginning with the unsung Padma Shri heroes...

Meet Meenakshi Amma, the granny with a sword. This fiesty 76 year old from Kerala has been practising and teaching Kallaripayattu in Vatakara village.She was only 7 when her father led her to the Kalari and she hasn't left the arena since then.This weaver of hope, invented a machine that revolutionized traditional Pochampalli weaving.Using his invention a saree that took 4 hours to weave can now be woven in jist one and a half hours.


Chintakindi Mallesham from Telangana is a school drop out, who created Laxmi ASU machine to relieve his mother's pain. Chettlah Ramiah or the tree man has dedicated his life to make India green. His mission is to plant one crore trees and his fight isn't alone.With his wife Janamma by his side, he takes out seeds from his pocket and plants them wherever he sees a barren spot.

Bipin Ganatra or Agni Rakshak is a volunteer fire fighter from Kolkata.After losing his brother to a fire he dedicated his life to rescuing people from infernos.

A posthomous award winner Dr Suniti Solomon is remembered as an AIDS crusader...a pioneer she diagnosed the first AIDS case in India in 1985..and took to research in the field despite the deep stigma attached to itEnsuring immediate help to road accident victims is this Highway Messiah's mission in life.

Dr Subroto Das' Lifeline foundation covers over 4000kms of Highways across Gujarat, Maharashta, Kerala, Rajasthan and West Bengal.

Dr Dadi Bhakti Yadav is a 91 year old gynaecologist who has been treating patients and has delivered 1000s of babies in UP and MP for free for the past 68 years.Early in her career she turned down a govt job and joined a maternity home for poor cloth mill workers instead.

Sethu Bandhu or Bridge man Girish Bhardwaj is on mission connection.An Engineer by profession he has built over 100 low cost, eco-friendly suspension bridges across Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh Genabhai Dargabhai Patel is divyang farmer who single handedly used technology to transform a drought hit border district of Gujarat into the largest pomegranate producer in the country.

The other notables are- Spiritual singer Yesudas, senior politician Murli Manohar Joshi, late Sunder Lal Patwa, former CM of MP who are amongst the 7 Padma Vibhushan awardees while Late journalist Cho Ramaswami and musician Vishwamohan Bhatt are among the 7 Padma Bhushan awardees.

Anuradha Paudwal, Kailash Kher are some of the known faces among 75 Padma Shri winners.