Rail Budget 2015-16

Date: February 27, 2015

Rail budget 2015 Acworth Report NDA Operation 5 mins

Highlights from Railway Budget 2015-16 

Presenting his first and NDA government's second budget the Raiway Minister Suresh Prabhu said we must restore the strength of Bharatiya Railway as the backbone of India. Major highlights of this budget are-

I- No  hike in passenger fares while, the Freight fares have been raised incase of urea by 10%, iron and steel by 0.8%, kerosene and cooking gas by 0.8%, coal by 6.3% and cement by 2.7%. 

II- 'Operation 5 minutes' wiil be introduced wherein passengers travellling unreserved can purchase a ticket in 5 minutes.

III- Railways to go through transformation in five years; to increase track capacity by 10 per cent to 1.38 lakh kms.

IV- Railway helpline number 138 will become operational for 24×7.

V- SMS alert service to be introduced on train arrival anddeparture

VI- CCTVs to be introduced in selective trains and sub-urban trains for women safety.

VII- 120 days in advance ticket booking facility for passengers instead of earlier 60 days. 

VIII- Open wi-fi facility at 400 railway stations.

IX- Speed of passenger trains on 9 corridors will increased to 160-200 km/h from 110-130 km/h.

X- 10 satellite railway terminals will be developed in major cities in 2015-15.

XI- pecial travel scheme Kisan Yatra for farmers for farming and marketing technique centres.

XII- Under Incredible India, Incredible Rail will be launched.

XIII- Four dedicated freight corridors to be completed this year; 6608 kms of track to be electrified.

Other major initiatives-

Kayakalp: It is a proposed innovation council. Its objestive is business re-engineering and introducing a spirit of innovation in Railways.

Malaviya Chair’ for Railway Technology at IIT (BHU), Varanasi. This Chair will help in development of new materials to be used in all assets of Railways.

Financing Cell in the Railway Board: It will seek advices from experts in the railways field and helps in mobilising the resources to meet the budgetary requirements.

Gandhi Circuit: It has been decided to promote tourism in the country through Gandhi Circuit. Indian Railways will join this effort through Incredible Rail for Incredible India. The Gandhi circuit will be set up by the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) to mark the 100 years of the return of Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa to India.

Kisan Yatra: It is a special travel scheme for farmers to visit farming and marketing information centres.

Foreign Rail Technology Cooperation Scheme: The Scheme aims to achieve the higher quality service for the nation. This is being launched because Technology intensive and complex projects like speed raising and station redevelopment require lot of handholding by a specialized agency in terms of preparatory work, exploring technology options and managing bid processes.


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Additional informations about Railway budget- 

1- The British Government in India established  10 member-Acworth Committee in 1920-21, headed by British railway economist William Acworth. On the recommendations of  "Acworth Report"  on reorganisation of railways,the railway budget was seperared from general budget  in 1924.

2-  India's first train was flagged off on Saturday, April 16, 1853 from Bori Bunder, Mumbai to Thane for a distance of 33.81 kms. 400 passengers first experienced the travel in the train of 14 coaches.

3- In 1925 India's first ever railway budget was presented.

4- Asaf ali served as railway minister during september 1946 to august 1947 in Intrim government.

5- John Mathai was first minister of railways after Independence.