Department of Telecommunications notified Panic Button and Global Positioning System in Mobile phone handsets Rules

Date: April 27, 2016

DoT women safety

Department of Telecommunications has issued the notification regarding “Panic Button and Global Positioning System in Mobile Phone Handsets Rules 2016”.In June 2014, the ministry had taken the steps to install the physical panic button on mobile phone in order to provide safety to women in unsafely situation.The DoT issued Notification Under Section 10 of the Indian Wireless Act, 1933.
It is provided to enable them to send out warning signal to a family member or the police authorities so that they can be saved.DoT notified Panic Button and Global Positioning System.

adThe Minister had discussion with stakeholders and DoT regarding the issues and insisted that a physical panic button is better than having Application on the mobile phone and it was explained that a woman in panic situation does not have enough time to send out a warning message in the event of a physical/sexual assault.
Department of Telecommunications and stakeholders agreed to have this facility installed in the mobile phones.It aims at providing security to millions of women who face panic situation.