4538 Vishyanand: A Minor planet named after Viswanathan Anand

Date: April 04, 2015

Vishwanathan Anand planet 4538

Viswanathan Anand is now a planet

A Minor planet was named after India’s  first grandmaster and five-time world chess champion Vishwanathan Anand. The minor planet which was previously identified as planet 4538,now the planet will be called as 4538 Vishyanand. It is located between the Mars and Jupiter. It  was discovered on 10 October 1988 by Japanese astronormer Kenzo Suzuki.

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Important Facts-

(4538) Vishyanand
Discovered: October 10, 1988
Absolute magnitude: 12.9
Orbits: Sun
Discoverer: Kenzo Suzuki
Asteroid group: Asteroid belt
Discovery site: Toyota observatory


Minor Planet- A minor planet is a term used to describe an astronomical object that is neither a dominant planet nor a comet and thus includes the dwarf planets that orbit around the Sun. The orbital categories of these planets are the asteroids, Kuiper belt objects, trojans, centaurs and other trans-Neptunian objects.