The Good Country Index, 2015:India ranks 70th

Date: June 04, 2016

Sweden Denmark the Netherlands the UK

The 'Good Country' 2015 index, 2015 shows Sweden is the best country in the world when it comes to serving the interests of its people and contributing to the common good of humanity while India figured low at 70th position.The report ranked a total of 163 countries taking 35 different UN and World Bank indices into account, including global contributions to science, culture, peace and security, climate change and health and equality.


The Good Country Index, 2015, attempts to define a good country as the one that serves the interest of its people and contributes to the common good of the humanity. It is about what the country offers to the world and what it takes away relative to its size, says its website.

The top ten good countries are Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Finland, Canada, France, Austria and New Zealand. While the last ranked good country of the world is Libya, noted the index.


Seven parameters: science and technology, prosperity and equality, culture, international peace and security, world order, planet and climate, and health and well being.

India's contribution to international peace and security is the best as the country clocks its highest rank of 27th for the same. However, with a 124th rank, India's worst contribution is to global prosperity and equality. The country's cultural contribution too is a lowly 119th, says the study.