Discovery of algae in India

Date: February 05, 2015

algae corban absorption environment

Very recently, two bloom forming, endemic algal species are discovered from the west coast of India. These algae are known as Ulva paschima Bast and Claophor goensis Bast.

Importance: It is a well-known fact that our environment has more Carbon content than it should have. Creating hazards for example Global warming and ozone depletion. The discovery of these two algae becomes significant in this context as, these possess ability to absorb CO2 from atmosphere.

  Uses: Researchers claim these to be highly useful in sequestering CO. they can be used as bio-fules also pertaining to high quantities of carbon based organic matter in them.

Advantage: Cultivation of non-endemic flora and fauna often arise threat to the native species of that region via a process called bio-invasion. But the use of this algae pose no threat as it is of native origin thus may be used for their advantageous roles in enhancing environment quality. As, suggested, these are bloom forming algae thus their cultivation will not need addition of fertilizers or pesticides.

Future directions: These are being worked upon for their therapeutic potentials as their by-products are under study.