Hiroshima Day :70th anniversary of Hiroshima bombing

Date: August 06, 2015

Japan Hiroshima atomic bomb

Hiroshima marks 70 years since atomic bomb

Hiroshima Day is being observed in many parts of the world with special vigils and peace marches. It is held to commemorate the atomic bombing done by United States of America on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on 6th and 9th August 1945.

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A US B-29 bomber called the Enola Gay dropped the uranium bomb, exploding some 600m (1,800ft) above the city, at around 08:10 on 6 August 1945. The explosion wiped out 90 percent of the city and immediately killed around 80,000 people. Further, tens of thousands more, later died of radiation exposure. Locals however are still suffering even after 70 years of the disaster.

The bombing - and a second one on Nagasaki three days later - is credited with bringing to an end World War Two.

People across Japan have observed a minute's silence to mark the anniversary. In Hiroshima a bell tolled at 08:15 local time - when the US aircraft dropped the bomb that flattened the city centre.

Some Facts:-

    The bomb was nicknamed "Little Boy" and was thought to have the explosive force of 20,000 tonnes of TNT.
    Colonel Paul Tibbets, a 30-year-old colonel from Illinois, led the mission to drop the atomic bomb on Japan.
    The Enola Gay, the plane which dropped the bomb, was named in tribute to Col Tibbets' mother.
     The final target was decided less than an hour before the bomb was dropped. The good weather conditions over Hiroshima sealed the city's fate.
    On detonation, the temperature in Hiroshima reached 60 million degrees, killing and injuring thousands of people instantly.