Sahyog Hyeoblyeog 2016:Joint Indo-Korean coast guard exercise

Date: June 08, 2016

Korean Director General

An Indo-Korean joint coast guard four day exercise “Sahyog Hyeoblyeog 2016” will be held off Chennai coast from June 8.The exercise is aimed at further strengthening the relationship between the coast guards of the two countries and refine joint operating procedures, according to a coast guard press release.

Korea Coast Guard ship 3009 would visit Chennai between June 8 to 11, it said, adding the exercise includes anti-piracy drills, search and rescue demonstrations and external fire fighting.


“The exercise would be jointly witnessed by Director General Rajendra Singh, Coast Guard and Commissioner General of Korean Coast Guard Honglk Tae,” the statement said.

A Korean delegation would call on dignitaries here and a friendly volleyball match will be held between the coast guards on June 9.