SWACHH BHARAT MISSION – Government to clean 10 Iconic Places in India

Date: July 09, 2016

swach bharat mission taj mahal vaishno devi

Government of India has aannounced to clean 10 importent sites under swach bharat mission.As part of Swachh Bharat Mission to clean and sanitize the entire country, the Ministry has identified 10 such iconic places to start cleanliness drive as part of the pilot project under this mission. As a part of this pilot project under this mission, Central Government will implement a cleaning drive to clean 10 iconic places in our country.


These 10 places includes Taj Mahal, Vaishno Devi temple and Ajmer Sharif.
Union Minister (Drinking Water and Sanitation) Narendra Singh Tomar revealed the idea of this pilot project and depends on the success of this pilot project; this cleaning drive will be extended to 100 iconic places in India.
Union ministry is in the process of selecting 100 iconic places for cleaning under the mission and most will be either tourist or religious spots.
Once this pilot project is completed, the govt will carry out a similar cleanliness drive at the remaining 90 places.
Union ministry is taking help of experts from World Bank to make this project successful.
PLACE                                                  STATE
Vaishno Devi temple                       Jammu and Kashmir
Taj Mahal                                      Uttar Pradesh
Tirupathi temple                             Andhra Pradesh
Golden Temple                               Punjab
Ajmer Sharif                                   Rajasthan
Jagannath Temple                          Orissa
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus            Maharashtra
Manikarnika Ghat                            Uttar Pradesh
Meenakshi Temple                           Tamilnadu
Kamakhya Temple                           Assam