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Hello Aspirants,

We know that you are heading towards the most awaited and apprehensive date of your preparations. As a support we are launching a new initiative i.e. IAS Prelims Test Series 2015 in which we provide you more than 50,000 questions for practice. So now you can practice maximum number of questions to check your preprations and simultaneously get prepared by questions which are specially designed for UPSC pattern.

How our test series is unique-

1- You will find appropriate number of questions from all segments of UPSC prelims Paper I and Paper II (G.S. and C-SAT).

2- There are a set of 5 questions which are shuffeled at every next time. You can attempt any number of questions.

3- Questions will also be provided subject wise in coming days but those will be in PDF form

4- Subject wise question papers will be charged with minimum amount possible. as we also have to maintain our web site where maximum things are free of cost.

 Suggested Book List-

Freedom Struggle- Vipin Chandra,& Spectrum

Certificate Physical and Human Geography 1st Edition; Majid Hussain - Geography

Indian culture- Spectrum

Indian Polity- M. Lakshmikant, Subhash Kashyap & DD Basu

Indian Economy- Ramesh Singh 

India Year Book

Ecology and Environment- Majid Hussain

          NCERT Books-

History – Must Read NCERT Books

—6th – Our Pasts 1

—7th – Our Pasts II

—8th – Our Pasts III – Part 1, Part 2

—9th – India & the Contemporary World 1

—10th – India & the Contemporary World II

—11th – Themes in World History (Focus on –Industrial Revolution)

—12th – Themes in Indian History I, Themes in Indian History II, Themes in Indian History III

Geography – Must Read NCERT Books

—6th – The Earth : Our Habitat

—7th – Our Environment

—8th – Resources & Development

—9th – Contemporary India 1

—10th – Contemporary India 1I

—11th – Fundamentals of Physical Geography, —11th – India – Physical Environment

—12th – Fundamentals of Human Geography, —12th – India – People & Economy

Economics – Must Read NCERT Books

—9th – Economics

—10th – Understanding Economic Development

—11th – Indian Economic Development

—11th – Statistics for Economics

—12th – Introductory Microeconomics

—12th – Introductory Macroeconomics, —Class XII – Supplementary reading material in Economics – Introductory Macroeconomics

Political Science – Must Read NCERT Books

—9th – Democratic Politics I

—10th – Democratic Politics II

—11th – Indian Constitution at Work

—11th – Political Theory

—12th – Contemporary World Politics (–8th – Environment & Natural Resources)

—12th – Politics in India Since Independence

Sociology – Must Read NCERT Books

—12th – Social Change & Development in India

Culture/Fine Arts – Must Read NCERT Books

—11th – An Introduction to Indian Art

Science – Must Read NCERT Books

For science, aspirants are advised to go through at-least these selected chapters from the mentioned standards. 

—6th – Chapter 9: The Living Organisms & their Surroundings

—7th – Chapter 7: Weather, Climate & Adaptations of Animals, ◦9: Soil

—8th – Chapter 1: Crop Production & Management, Chapter 5: Coal & Petroleum,Chapter 7: Conservation of Plants & Animals, Chapter 12:  Friction, Chapter 18: Pollution of Air & Water

—9th – 14: Natural Resources

—10th – 14: Sources of Energy, 15: Our Environment, 16: Management of Natural Resources

—12th (Biology) – ◦Unit X: Ecology (13 – Organisms & Population, 14 – Ecosystem, 15 – Biodiversity & Conservation, 16 – Environmental Issues

For Current Affairs-

Hindu;Yojna;Business Standard; Kurukshetra; India:2015;Economic Survey; and News & analysis from our website.

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DISCLAIMER:- The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only.  While we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct,there are chances of some errors. If in case you find any then please communicate it with us via e-mail, so that we can check it and clear all your doubts.