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Date: January 17, 2015

Vijay nagar; Architecture

  • Discuss salient features of the temple architecture of Vijayanagar Empire. (150 Words)


The 14th century, was considered the heyday period for the Vijaynagar Empire in South India.The Emperors of Vijayanagar whose empire compromised of almost the whole of peninsular India, were great builders and spent lavishly on works of public utility palaces and temples. In temple building they continued the traditions and styles of the Chalukyas, Cholas and Pandyas.

Vijay nagar architecture prepareias

The salient features are-

-Gopuram and mandapas;
-gateways ex; raya gopurams
- pavillions
-central shrine
-long, pillared corridors; run around the complex within the temple.
-A line drawing on sculpted pillars
-sacred centre, the presence of hall;
-Inscription of the story of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata on the wall of temple
-depiction of picture of different animals like elephants , horse etc.

-they are built of hard stone, the temples are large structures with spacious Mandapas and lofty Gopurams .

 (150 words)