Geography 01: Every Friday

Date: May 06, 2016

Q1 Atmosphere is

(a)A gaseous envelope that surround a celestial body

 (b)Air content of environment

(c)Air, gases, suspended particles, and water vapours

(d)None of these

Q2 Atmosphere pressure refers to

(a)The amount of force exerted on a unit surface area

(b)The weight of the entire air column over a given point

(c)Both are correct

(d)None of these is correct

Q3 Carbon dioxide makes up only a ----ppm (parts per million) of the atmosphere, by volume.

 (a)Few 1,000      (b)Few 100    (c)Few 10,000       (d)Few 10’s

Q4 Density decreases with height in the atmosphere is denoted by

(a)Charle’s law

(b)Boyle’s law

 (c)Archimedes ‘principle

(d)None of these

Q5 The altitude of troposphere at equator is

(a)0-20 km    (b)010km     (c)0-16 km    (d)0---80 km

Q6  The atmosphere of the earth s arranged into layers and pauses.   (a)3,4       (b)4,3      (c)2,5     (d)5,2

Q7 The boundary between the troposphere and stratosphere is called

(a)Ozone layer      (b)Tropopause    (c)Mesosphere    (d)None of these

Q8The densest of al the atmosphere layers is

(a)Troposphere      (b)Stratosphere        (c)Mesosphere    (d)Ionosphere

Q9 The density of air is normally---- at higher attitude.

(a)Increases     (b)Decreases    (c)Remains constant    (d)varies from place to place

Q10The density of dry air at sea level is about the density of water.

(a)1/80        (b)1/8      (c)1/800        (d)1/8,000