India 2015; Chapter-4 :AGRICULTURE

Date: February 16, 2015

India 2015 Agriculture National Food security mission National Agriculture Insurance Scheme National e-Governance Plan in Agriculture (NeGP-A)

Major Points-

1- Agriculture is the principal source of livelihood for more than 55% of the population.

2-257.13 million tonnes production of foodgrains in India during 2012-13. This record production has been achieved through effective transfer of latest crop production technologies to farmers.

Major Programmes of Development of Agriculture-

1- Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojna- This scheme was launched in 2007-08 with an outlay of Rs 25,000 crore for the XI five year plan to incentivize states to enhance investment in agriculture and allied sectors to achieve 4% growth rate during the plan period.

Recent initiatives by the agriculture ministry under RKVY-

a- Activities undertaken through Bring Green Revolution to Eastern India (BGREI)

b-National Mission for saffron

c-Nutri cereals

d-National mission for protein supplements

e-Nutri farms-  for iron rich bajra;protein rich maize and zinc rich rich wheat

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2- National Horticulture Mission- This is a centrally sponsored scheme launched in 2005-06 for promotion of holistic growth of horticulture  sector comprising of fruits,vegetables,spices,flowers,aromatic plants,cashew and cocoa.The ratio between union government and state government os 85:15.

3- National Food security mission- launched in 2007-08 to increase production of rice,wheat and pulses by 10,8 and 2 million tonnes respectively.

4- National Mission on Bamboo- implemented in 27 states since 2006-07.

5- National Mission on oilseed and Oil Palm- centrally sponsered for Oilseeds,pulses, Oil Palm, and Maize (ISOPOM); launched in 2004-05.

6- National Mission for sustainable Agriculture- NMSA is one of the eight missions outlined under National Action Plan on Climate Change.NMSA will accord special focus for development of rainfed areas, resource convervation, water use efficiency, and soil health management.

NMSA is expected to yransform Indian Agriculture into a climate resilient production systemthrough suitable adaptation and mitigation measures in the domains of both crop husbandry and animal husbandry.

The MNSA have following programme components-

a- Rainfed area development

b- On Farm Water Management

c- Soil Health Management

7- National Agriculture Insurance Scheme- (NAIS) it was launched with the aim to increase coverage of farmers,crops and risk coverage on Rabi season of 1999-2000. The scheme is implemented by the Agriculture Insurance company of India Limited.

8- National e-Governance Plan in Agriculture (NeGP-A)- This centrally sponsered mission mode project sanctioned at a total cost of Rs 227.79 crorefor o\implementation in 7 states during phase-I (2010-11). The NeGP-A aims to achieve rapid development of agriculture in India through the use of ICT by ensuring timely access to agriculture related information for farmers.