Distribution of Iron ore (world wide)

Date: December 13, 2014

Iron Ore Distribution



  1. Ukraine – Kirvoj Rog region of the Southern Ukraine. High quality haematite iron is found. Kursk Magnetic Anomoly and Kirch peninsula is also major region.
  2. Russia – Ural region had major iron-ore reserves in India. North Ural – Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg), Central Ural – Nizni Tagil, South Ural – Magnito Gorsk, Kuzkas region in Siberia, Krasnoyarsk and Angara and Far East are major regions.
  3. Sweden – Kiruna and Gallimear and major regions. In the Southern part Danmora region is important. Sweden lacks coal deposits the iron is exported.
  4. France – Larine region is major region, Normandy, North-South Massif and Pyrenees are also important iron regions. In West Germany low quality iron ore is found in Silesia, West Phalia and Saxony regions. Kentabryan and Bilbao region in Spain, Queensland and Midland region in England are iron regions.
  5. Australia – Pilbara region is important region. In the Western Australia Mt. Goldsworthy, Mt. Tom Price, Mt. New Man, Taloring Peak, Kalanuka are iron regions. In South America, Brazil had maximum iron-ore reserve. This is high quality iron ore and reserves are found in ‘Karajas Para’ district. Lower Orinoco valley (Venezuela) also had iron ore reserves.
  6. In Africa high quality iron deposits are found in Liberia, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia in North Africa are iron regions. Non steel Industry is under developed in Africa, so the iron is exported.
  7. China – Anshan and Mundkane in Manchurian Yangtze valley in Central China had Tahyeh and Muhar major iron ore centres.


  1. Lake Superior Regions – This is the biggest iron region of the USA. There are 6 major mines which are hills – 1. Mesabi (major mine), Vermillion                         3. Kuyuna            4. Mozambiq           5. Marquett          6. Manomini
  2. South Applation Region – Birmingham and Red Mountain in Alabama. The iron ore here is of low quality compound to that of lake superior region.
  3. Canada – Wright, Sept Isles and Schefferwille are major regions.


Copper Regions

  • Copper is mainly used in the electricity field as well as in the making of alloys –

* Copper + Tin  → Bronze                                           * Copper + Zinc  → Brass

  • Copper is found in pure form and in ore both cuperite, Melchite, Chalcohite and Comite are major ores of copper.

Major regions

  • Chile – In the Andes range 4 mines are located – 1. Chuki kamata      Potriloss         3. Al Tentete        4. Bredin
  • USA – Arizona is the most important copper producing area. The major mines are located near Tuscan (Morance, Globe and Casa Grande), Bingham Mine (Utah Province), Bute Mine (Montana)
  • Canada – Sudbury (Ontario State), Filan-Felon (Manitoba State) and Nerada (Quba)
  • Africa – Zaire (Congo), Katinga plateau to Broken hill in Zambia is the Copper belt of Africa.
  • Russia – Ural region, Dezkazen region is important in Kazakhstan, Georgia and Armenia had mines (Caucasus region)
  • Japan – Akita, Hitashiee and Sagnaseki are important mines.


Bauxite (Aluminium)

Bauxite is the ore of Aluminium. Major Bauxite regions of the world are as follows –

  • Australia – Weepa (East of Carpentaria Bay and Arnhem region (West of Carpentaria by)
  • Jamaica – The Bauxite of Jamaica is exported to USA, Surinam also produce, In USA, Arkansas is the Bauxite producing region.
  • From Bauxite, Aluminium is extracted through Electrolysis, so Electric energy is required.