Begum Hazarat Mahal

Date: December 19, 2014


why recently in news

Recently 135th Anniversary of Begum Hazrat mahal was observed. So in this background, you should know her contributions to India’s freedom struggle.


Begum Hazrat Mahal was a great Indian freedom fighter. She was also known as “Begum of Awadh” She was the wife of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Lucknow, Uttar pradesh.


After, her husband was exiled to Calcutta, she took charge of the affairs of the state of Awadh, which then was a large part of the current state of Uttar Pradesh, India. During India’s First War of independence (1857-58), she led a band of her supporters against the British, and was even able to seize the control of Lucknow. She declared her son Birjis Qadra as the king of Awadh. She is believed to have worked in close association with other leaders of the India’s First War of Independence, including Nana Sahib. When the forces under the command of the British re-captured Lucknow and most part of the Awadh, she was forced to retreat.

She turned down all offers of amnesty and allowances by the British rulers.

Ultimately, she had to retreat to Nepal, where she was offered asylum by the Rana prime minister Jung Bahadur. She died there in 1879.

Government of India issued a commemorative stamp in the honour of Begum Hazrat Mahal on 10th May 1984.