Shayamji Krishna Verma

Date: December 19, 2014



recently 157th birth anniversary of Shyamji Krishna verma was celebrated.

Contributions -Shyamaji Krishna Varma was born on 4th October, 1857 in Mandvi, a province in Kutch, Gujarat.

Shyamaji Krishna Varma was a great Arya Samajst, a nationalist,a journalist, a lawyer and a revolutionary, who fought the British  from their own soil.He founded the Indian Home Rule Society, India House and The Indian Sociologist in London.He was the first indian graduate from Oxford University. He inspired Bhai Parmanand, Lala Hardayal and veer Savarkar for revolutionary struggle for freedom.Greatly influenced by swami Dayanand Saraswati, he became his ardent devotee, a member and then the president of Bombay Arya Samaj.

He established “India House” as a hostel for Indian students based  in London. India House soon developed as an organized meeting point for radical nationalists among Indian students in Britain and one of the most prominent centers for revolutionary Indian nationalism outside India. Most famous among the members of the organization were V. D. Savarkar, Madam Kama,Sardar Singh Rana, Madan Lal Dhingra, Gandhi

He rejected the petitioning, praying, protesting, cooperating and collaborating policy (i.e. moderate policies) of the Congress Party, which he considered undignified and shameful.

He  expired on 31st March 1930.