Lead and its effects on human health

Date: May 31, 2015

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Lead and human health

Lead is a useful and common metal that has been used by humans for thousands of years. It is also a very dangerous poison, particularly for children, when it is accidentally inhaled or ingested. Though lead is found frequently in our environment, it has no known purpose in our bodies. When lead gets inside the body, the body confuses it with calcium and other essential nutrients. This confusion can cause permanent damage to the health of both children and adults.

Effect of lead on Children

In children, lead is most damaging when they are six years and younger. Children are growing at a very fast rate - growing bones, developing stronger muscles and creating many connections in their brain. When lead instead of essential nutrients is "available" to the body to make bones, muscle, and brain connections, permanent harm to health can occur. Even at low levels, lead can be harmful and be associated with:

   Learning disabilities resulting in a decreased intelligence (decreased IQ)
   Attention deficit disorder
   Behavior issues
   Nervous system damage
   Speech and language impairment
   Decreased muscle growth
   Decreased bone growth
   Kidney damage
   High levels of lead are life threatening and can cause seizures, unconsciousness, and death.

Effect of lead on Adults

Lead exposure is a concern for adults, even though they have finished growing. Since an adult's body is much larger than a child's body, more lead is needed to cause injury but the harm lead can do to an adult is very serious. High levels of lead can cause:

   Increased chance of illness during pregnancy
   Harm to a fetus, including brain damage or death
   Fertility problems in both men and women
   High blood pressure
   Digestive issues
   Nerve disorders
  Memory and concentration problems
  Muscle and joint pain

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