Water and its importance for life

Date: February 17, 2017

hydrogen bond Oxygen molecule

Water as we know is off course crucial for all our lives. This article will elucidate the importance of water In terms of general biology. The chemistry of life is the chemistry of water, with chemical formula: H2O. Having single Oxygen atom attached to two Hydrogen atoms in a straight chain. The central oxygen atom in water attracts the electrons it shares with the two hydrogen atoms. This charge separation makes water a polar molecule (positive on Hydrogen and negative on Oxygen). This property makes water a universal solvent as it dissolves numerous compounds and materials.   A hydrogen bond is formed between the partial positive charge of a hydrogen atom in one molecule and the partial negative charge of another atom, either in another molecule or in a different portion of the same molecule.


Water is cohesive (attracting in nature) and adhesive (attaching in nature), has a great capacity for storing heat, is a good solvent for other polar molecules, and tends to exclude nonpolar molecules. The H+ concentration in a solution is expressed by the pH scale, in which pH equals the negative logarithm of the H+ concentration, making water a good solvent to be used in buffers.