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Title : CABINET COMMITTEES: Parliamentary check over executive

Date : Nov 29, 2021

Description :



Topic à Parliament related topics


  • Various Cabinet Committees:


  • The Cabinet Appointments Committee.
  • The Accommodation Committee of the Cabinet.
  • Economic Affairs Committee of the Cabinet.
  • The Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs is tasked with overseeing the legislative process.
  • Political Affairs Committee of the Cabinet.
  • Security Committee of the Cabinet.
  • The Cabinet Committee on Investment and Growth is a subcommittee of the Cabinet.
  • The Cabinet Committee on Employment and Skill Development is tasked with overseeing the employment and skill development policies of the government.


  • About the Cabinet Committees:


  • The Prime Minister chairs all committees except the Cabinet Committee on Accommodation and the Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs.
  • In their emergence, they are extra-constitutional.
  • They aren't referenced in the Constitution, in other words. The Rules of Business, on the other hand, allow for their establishment.
  • The Government of India Transaction of Business Rules, 1961 govern the executive in India.
  • Article 77(3) of the Constitution states, "The President shall enact rules for the more convenient transaction of the Government of India's business, and for the allocation of the said business among Ministers."
  • The Prime Minister appoints the members of the Cabinet's Standing Committees and assigns them specific responsibilities. He has the ability to increase or decrease the number of committees.
  • Aside from cabinet committees, other Groups of Ministers (GoMs) have been formed to investigate various issues/subjects.


  • Cabinet Committees' Functions:


  • They're an organisational tool to help the Cabinet deal with its massive workload. They allow for a more thorough assessment of policy issues as well as better coordination. They are based on the division of labour and successful delegation concepts.
  • They make decisions as well as address difficulties and create suggestions for the Cabinet's consideration. Of course, the Cabinet can review their judgments.


  • Ministerial Groups:


  • These are ad hoc committees constituted to make recommendations to the cabinet on a variety of pressing issues and problems.
  • Some of these GoMs have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the Cabinet, while others only provide suggestions.
  • The establishment of GoMs has shown to be a viable and effective tool for inter-ministerial collaboration.
  • Ministers in charge of the appropriate ministries are inducted into the respective GoMs, which are then disbanded once the advice has been crystallised


  • Source à The Hindu à 29/11/21 à Page Number 1

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