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Title : THE ZyCoV - D VACCINE (Prelims Specific Topic)

Date : Dec 04, 2021

Description :
  • About the ZyCov – D Vaccine:


  • Only people between the ages of 12 and 19 are eligible for the vaccine.
  • A needle-free applicator is used to deliver ZyCov – D.
  • It comes in three doses. It's given on the 28th and 56th days after the first dose.
  • It is priced at Rs 376.
  • It has shown to be 66.6 percent effective.
  • Cadila Healthcare, an Indian pharmaceutical business, produced the vaccine.


  • How it is created:


  • It has been created using plasmid DNA.
  • simple terms, it was created using a portion of DNA from a virus that had been weakened or killed.
  • The human immune systems learn to respond to the virus when this DNA fragment is delivered into the body. E Coli cells are used to make the plasmid.


  • Why is ZyCov – D known as a needle-less vaccine:


  • Because ZyCov – D is administered by a jet injector.
  • An injecting syringe is referred to as a jet injector.
  • A tiny stream of high-pressure liquid penetrates the skin's outermost layer here.
  • This allows the drug to reach the epidermis' underlying tissues.
  • This is preferable to the traditional needle approach.
  • This is due to the fact that the vaccines are transported through the cell plasma membrane and nuclear membrane in this technique.
  • Conventional approaches, on the other hand, produce low immunogenicity.


  • Source à The Hindu à 03/12/21 à Page Number 10

Tags : DNA, Covid

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