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Date : Dec 07, 2021

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Topic à Scientific Interventions related issues


  • Context:


  • China's pursuit of hypersonic weapons "increases tensions in the region," according to the US, which pledged to maintain its capability to repel any Chinese threats.


  • What exactly is the problem:


  • The United States is concerned about China's expanding military might and its desire to eliminate American supremacy in Asia.
  • The July test of a hypersonic missile capable of partially circling the Earth before reentering the atmosphere and gliding on a customizable path to its target underlined China's ambitions to expedite its military capabilities.


  • Associated concerns:


  • Although China claimed it was testing a reusable space vehicle, not a missile, experts say the weapons system is plainly meant to evade US missile defences.


  • What does it mean for a weapon to travel at hypersonic speeds:


  • Hypersonic speeds are those that are 5 or more times faster than the speed of sound.
  • current events


  • Concerns and consequences for India and the rest of the world:


  • In theory, the weapon could fly over the South Pole. Because the US military's missile defence systems are aimed at the northern polar route, this would be a major issue.
  • Given the prior history of relations with China, India is particularly concerned about recent developments.
  • Such capabilities emphasise the danger that our space assets, as well as our surface assets, face.
  • The following technology has been used by China:


  • According to media reports, the exact technology used by China in this particular test is unknown. However, scramjet technology is used by the majority of hypersonic vehicles.


  • What is scramjet technology, and how does it work:


  • Scramjets are a type of engine that can handle airflows at speeds that are multiples of the sound speed.
  • Air from the atmosphere is forced into the combustion chamber of an air-breathing scramjet engine at a supersonic speed of more than Mach two.
  • The air mixes with the fuel in the chamber to start a supersonic combustion, yet the cruiser will travel at a hypersonic speed of Mach six to seven.
  • Scramjet stands for supersonic combustion ramjet.


  • Source à The Hindu à 06/12/21 à Page Number 15

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