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Date : Dec 09, 2021

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Indian Culture


  • Context:


  • Nagaland Government has informed that they will not be celebrating the Hornbill Festival this year, if the Armed Forces Special Protection Act (AFSPA) is not repealed.
  • Nagaland celebrates the Hornbill Festival to promote inter-tribal cooperation.


  • About the Festival:


  • It is the state government of Nagaland's major indigenous event, held to promote tourism in the state.
  • The event is held every year in the first week of December in order to conserve, maintain, and revitalise the Naga heritage's distinctiveness and richness.
  • In Nagaland, the festival is known as the "Festival of Festivals."
  • The celebration is named after the Naga bird, the Hornbill, which is the Nagas' most revered and admired bird.
  • The festival is a celebration of this magnificent bird, which is noted for its vigilance and grandeur.
  • The Nagas' social and cultural life is deeply associated with the bird, as evidenced by different tribal dances, songs, and folklore.
  • The Hornbill Festival highlights the indigenous people's culture and customs while also reinforcing Nagaland's identity.


  • Source à The Hindu à 08/12/21 à Page Number 1

Tags : Naga, Nagaland's identity

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