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Date : Dec 09, 2021

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Topic à Electoral related issues


  • What exactly is MCC:


  • The Election Commission of India has published recommendations for political parties and candidates to follow during elections, primarily in regards to speeches, polling day, polling booths, election manifestos, processions, and general behaviour.
  • This is in accordance with Article 324 of the Constitution, which requires the EC to hold free and fair elections to the National Assembly and State Legislatures.
  • The goal is to ensure that elections are free and fair.


  • When does it go into effect:


  • So far, the Model Code of Conduct has taken effect as soon as the commission announces the election schedule.
  • The Code will stay in effect until the election is completed.


  • Status:


  • It is in the interest of free and fair elections that such a code be required.
  • The code, on the other hand, is not based on any specific legislation.
  • It merely has a persuasion impact. It contains what are known as "electoral morality rules."
  • However, the lack of legal support does not prohibit the Commission from enforcing it.


  • Evolution:


  • The Commission first published the code in 1971 (5th Election) and has since updated it several times.
  • This set of guidelines was developed with the agreement of political parties who agreed to abide by the values enshrined in the code, as well as to respect and adhere to it in form and spirit.


  • What is it made up of:


  • The Model Code of Conduct lays out how political parties, contesting candidates, and the party(s) in power should conduct themselves during the election process, including general electioneering conduct, holding meetings and processions, poll day activities, and the functioning of the party in power, among other things.


  • Enforcement:


  • The EC has created a number of measures to detect code violations, including joint task forces of enforcement agencies and flying squads.
  • The most recent development is the launch of the cVIGIL smartphone app, which allows audio-visual proof of malpractices to be reported.


  • Source à The Hindu à 08/12/21 à Page Number 5

Tags : election reforms, Article 324 of the Constitution

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