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Title : BIRD FLU

Date : Dec 11, 2021

Description :



Topic à Health related issues


  • Why is it in the news:


  • In Kerala's Kuttanad region, new cases of avian flu have been identified. Bird culling squads have been constituted in the affected areas.
  • The H5N1 influenza virus has been detected in samples.


  • What exactly is avian flu:


  • Avian influenza is another name for bird flu.
  • It's a sickness caused by avian influenza Type A viruses, which can be found in wild birds all over the world.
  • Symptoms of influenza-like sickness have ranged from mild to severe.
  • current events


  • Classification:


  • Hemagglutinin (HA) and Neuraminidase, two proteins found on the surfaces of avian influenza type A viruses, are used to classify them (NA).
  • There are approximately 18 HA and 11 NA subtypes.
  • H5N1, H7N2, H9N6, H17N10, and other combinations of these two proteins are feasible.


  • Spread:


  • Human infections with avian and swine influenza have been reported.
  • The infection is fatal, with a fatality rate of approximately 60%.
  • Direct touch is the most typical way for viruses to spread. If they come into touch with polluted surfaces or air near infected chickens, they may become infected as well.



  • Is it possible for the virus to spread to humans:


  • There have been no reported cases of H5N8 in humans.
  • The risk to the general public is quite low.
  • There is also no evidence that the virus may be transmitted to humans through the intake of poultry meat or eggs.
  • During control and containment efforts, however, adequate care must be taken when handling sick/dead birds and contaminated material.
  • Eating properly prepared poultry items is deemed safe.


  • Control measures include:


  • When an infection is found in animals, culling is frequently done to control it.
  • Aside from culling, proper disposal of all culled animals and animal products is critical.
  • Authorities must also severely enforce cleanup of infected buildings and place contaminated vehicles and persons under quarantine.


  • Source à The Hindu à 10/12/21 à Page Number 5

Tags : H5N8, influenza Type A viruses

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