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Date : Dec 11, 2021

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Topic à Internal Security of India & Security Forces


  • What is meant by "integrated theatre commands":


  • An integrated theatre command envisions a unified leadership of the three Services, led by a single commander, for strategic and security-sensitive geographic locations.
  • The commander of such a force will be able to effectively manage all of the resources at his disposal, including the Army, Indian Air Force, and Navy.
  • Individual Services will not be accountable to the consolidated theatre commander.


  • Why is India looking for a unified theatre command:


  • This will improve planning and military response while also lowering costs.
  • While the cost may increase in the short term because all theatres will need to be equipped with adequate technology, it will be more cost-effective in the long run because all acquisitions would be coordinated.
  • It will provide a cohesive approach to future warfighting.


  • Proposals in this regard include the following:


  • The requirement for a united approach to warfighting was highlighted in the aftermath of the Kargil combat in 1999.
  • In addition to the Naresh Chandra Committee, the Kargil Review Committee and the then Group of Ministers had recommended for structural changes in higher defence management.
  • The Shekatkar committee, chaired by Lt Gen. (retd) D.B. Shekatkar, advocated the formation of the CDS post and theatre commands.


  • Source à The Hindu à 10/12/21 à Page Number 6

Tags : Kargil Review Committee, Army, Indian Air Force, and Navy

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