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Title : The AY 4.2 Variant of COVID 19

Date : Nov 10, 2021

Description :

Topic: Health related issues:


· Why in News:

· AY.4.2 is a sub-group of the new Delta variant of COVID-19.

· The Delta variant, also known as B.1.617.2, first appeared in India in October 2020.

· AY.4.2 (called “Delta Plus” and now called VUI-21OCT-01 by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)) sub-list contains 2 mutations in its spike protein - A222V and -Y145H.


· Spread:

· Currently, the United Kingdom makes 96% of AY 4.2 cases, followed by Denmark and Germany with one percent each. It has also been reported in the US, Israel and Russia.

· In India, cases were found in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.


· How dangerous is AY4.2:

· Although the evidence in AY.4.2 is still emerging, as of now, it does not appear to cause the most serious diseases.

· According to COVID-19 jabs, the small genealogy does not provide the vaccines currently used against it.

· How do viruses develop and why:

· Viral strains have one or more differentiating mutations that are different.

· In fact, the virus's goal is to reach a point where it can live with humans because it needs the host to survive.

· Defects in viral RNA are called mutations, and viruses with this mutation are called mutations. Differences can vary with one or more conversions.


· Prelims Hot-Link:

· What is Covid 19?

· What is genetic mutation?

· What is mRNA?

· What is an RT-PCR test?

· What is a genetic sequence?

· What is different about anxiety?



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