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Title : Dengue Fever

Date : Nov 10, 2021

Description :



Topic Health related issues:


  • Why in News:


  • Punjab's dengue cases totalled 16,129 - the highest number since 2016.


  • When do cases go up:


  • The disease has a seasonal pattern, that is, the highest number comes after rain and is not evenly distributed throughout the year.
  • Every year, from July to November, rise in dengue cases have been observed.


  • About Dengue:


  • The dengue virus is transmitted by the bite of a female mosquito Aedes (Ae.).
  • Aedes is a daytime transmitter and can fly a limited distance of 400 meters.
  • Although it usually causes minor illnesses, serious dengue diseases can sometimes be fatal.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are 100-400 million cases of dengue each year, with worldwide cases increasing dramatically in “recent decades”.


  • Prelims Hot-Link:


  • Dengue- Causes, symptoms and spread.
  • Is the "Wolbachia way" related?
  • Where has this method been tested recently?
  • About the World Mosquito Program (WMP).


Tags : mosquito borne disease, dengue

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