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Date : Dec 22, 2021

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Topic à Health related issues


  • When do dengue fever cases peak:


  • The disease follows a seasonal pattern, peaking after the monsoon and not being evenly dispersed throughout the year.
  • Every year, from July to November, there is an increase in dengue fever cases.


  • What is the main cause of the dengue fever outbreak:


  • Mosquito breeding grounds are being reduced at an alarming rate, while adult control techniques such as Indoor Space Spray and fogging are not being implemented on a regular basis. When dengue fever is reported, control actions in that area are ignored.


  • About the Dengue Fever:


  • Dengue fever is a disease that affects people all around the world
  • Dengue fever is spread through the bite of a female Aedes (Aedes) mosquito.
  • Aedes is a day feeder with a maximum flight distance of 400 metres.
  • Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease that causes minor sickness in most people. However, severe dengue infections can be fatal.
  • Dengue fever has an annual incidence of 100-400 million cases, according to WHO estimates, with the global incidence increasing substantially "in recent decades."


  • Source à The Hindu à 20/12/21 à Page Number 3

Tags : vector born disease

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