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Title : KONYAK NAGAS: Prelims Specific Topic

Date : Jan 18, 2022

Description :
  • Tribe of Konyak Nagas:


  • With a population of around 3 lakh, the Konyaks' territory extends into Arunachal Pradesh, with a sizable presence in Myanmar.
  • They are reputed to be one of Nagaland's most ferocious warrior tribes.
  • As late as the 1980s, the Konyaks were the last to abandon the practise of head-hunting, which involved severing the heads of foes after attacking other tribes.


  • Importance of this tribe in the Naga Peace Process:


  • Mon is the only district in Nagaland where the separatist group has been unable to establish a base camp, owing to Konyak resistance.
  • As a result, the Konyaks are critical to the successful conclusion of the peace talks as well as the state's post-talk peace process.


  • Source à The Hindu

Tags : tribal population, nagaland

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