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Date : Jan 24, 2022

Description :



Topic à Conservation related issues:


  • About the program:


  • The plan brings together the International Solar Alliance and the UK green grid system and is in line with India's focus on solar energy use.
  • The grid will be established in the next few years by the International Solar Alliance (ISA), another Indian-approved initiative, to carry forward solar power initiatives to various countries.
  • The vision behind OSOWOG is 'The Sun Does Not Rise' and is always present, worldwide, at any time.


  • Implementation:


  • The Ministerial Steering Group will work to accelerate the construction of large solar power stations and wind farms in the best of locations, connected together by continental grids across national borders.
  • The Ministerial Steering Group comprises France, India, the United Kingdom and the United States, and will consist of representatives from Africa, the Gulf, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.


  • Benefits of the program:


  • With one global grid, we can access clean energy in all areas.
  • The need to conserve energy will decrease, and the efficiency of solar projects will increase.
  • India will generate 40% of energy from non-fossil fuels by 2030 and has demanded that the solar power supply be linked to the borders that provide the mantra of ‘One World One Sun One Grid’.
  • The proposed merger will result in a reduction in project costs, higher efficiency and increased asset utilization for all participating organizations.
  • This plan will only require additional investment as it will not require compatible grid infrastructure due to working with existing grids.
  • It will assist all stakeholders in attracting investment in renewable energy sources and the utilization of skills, technology and finance.
  • The effects of economic benefits can have a positive impact on poverty alleviation and support in reducing water, sanitation, food and other socio-economic challenges.
  • It will allow India's national renewable energy management to grow as regional and international administrative institutions.


  • Source à The Hindu

Tags : solar energy, energy security

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