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Date : Jan 31, 2022

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Topic à Space Awareness


  • About the ‘Lucy’ Mission:


  • This is NASA's first mission to test Jupiter Trojan's asteroids.
  • They are solar panels.
  • It is estimated that it is more than 12 years long, during which time the spacecraft will visit eight asteroids covering a distance of about 6.3 billion kilometers to deepen the understanding of the “new solar system”.


  • Purpose of equipment:


  • The objective is designed to understand the structure of the various asteroids that are part of Trojan asteroid forces, to determine the quantity and density of objects and to search for and study satellites and rings around Trojan asteroids.


  • What are Trojan Asteroids & why are they called that:


  • These asteroids are believed to be the remnants of the first solar system, and studying them will help scientists understand its origin and evolution, and why it looks the way it does.
  • Trojan asteroids are believed to have been formed from the same material that led to the formation of planets about four billion years ago when the solar system was built.


  • Source à The Science Reporter

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