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Date : Feb 07, 2022

Description :



Topic à Infrastructure related issues:


  • About PM Gati-Shakti:


  • It is a digital platform that connects 16 departments - including highways and highways, railways, shipping, petrol and gas, power, telephone, freight and aircraft.
  • It aims to ensure the overall planning and implementation of infrastructure projects.


  • Initiatives offered:


  • The site will provide 200 layers of geographical data, including existing infrastructure such as roads, highways, railways, and toll plazas, as well as geographical information about forests, rivers and regional boundaries to assist in planning and obtaining permits.
  • The site will also allow various government departments to track, in real time and in a single location, the progress of various projects, especially those that affect many sectors and regions.


  • Significance:


  • The aim is to ensure that “each department now has the visibility of each other’s activities to provide sensitive information while planning and performing tasks in a comprehensive manner.
  • In this way, the various departments will be able to prioritize their projects through inter-sectoral collaboration”.
  • It will also increase last-mile connections and reduce the cost of ordering with integrated planning and reduce startup traffic.


  • Need for:


  • Poor infrastructure planning includes newly constructed roads dug by the water department to lay pipes. This has adversely affected road infrastructure and national mobility.
  • Also, the cost of asset management in India is about 13-14% of GDP as opposed to 7-8% of GDP in the developed economy. Higher management costs property costs within the economy, and makes it more expensive for retailers to ship goods to consumers.


  • Source à Indian Express

Tags : infrastructure, road infrastructure

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