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Title : AK 203 Deal with Russia: Prelims Specific Topic

Date : Nov 24, 2021

Description :
  • Background:


  • This agreement was reached as part of a significant modernization drive for the infantry.
  • As part of this transaction, the Indian Army would receive a number of AK-103 assault rifles from Russia.
  • The arrangement was negotiated under emergency procurement or emergency financial powers granted to the three services in order for them to make vital acquisitions.
  • The Indian army requires 770,000 AK-47 203 rifles.
  • The first 100,000 will be imported, with the rest being made in India.
  • In 2017, the Indian Army launched a four-year process to acquire approximately seven lakh rifles, 44600 carbines, and 44,000 light machine guns. India and Russia announced a massive agreement in September 2020 to manufacture AK-47 203 rifles in India.


  • Make a modernisation plan:


  • As part of a modernization drive to replace ageing and outmoded weapons, the Indian army is procuring a considerable quantity of light machine guns, battle carbines, and assault rifles.


  • The following are some of the deal's highlights:


  • This gun will be manufactured by the Indo-Russia Rifles Private Limited joint venture (IRRPL).


  • A single rifle will cost roughly USD 1100, including the expense of setting up a production plant and transferring technologies.


  • Information on the AK-47 203 Rifles:


  • It's a modernised AK-103 variant from the 200 series, and it's the most latest and technologically advanced version of the AK-47 rifle.
  • The 5.5645 mm assault rifle used by the Indian Small Arms System (INSAS) since 1996 will be replaced with this rifle.


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