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Current Affairs


Date : Nov 26, 2021

Description :



Topic à Parliament related issues


  • Who is the Opposition Leader:


  • The LOP is the leader of the largest party in the house, with at least one-tenth of the total number of seats.
  • The Salaries and Allowances of Leaders of Opposition in Parliament Act of 1977 defines it as a legislative position.


  • The importance of the position:


  • The shadow Prime Minister' is referred to as LoP.
  • If the government falls apart, she or he is expected to be ready to take over.
  • The LoP also plays a vital role in bringing unity and effectiveness to the opposition's policy and legislative efforts.
  • The LoP is critical in ensuring bipartisanship and neutrality in nominations to institutions that promote accountability and transparency, such as the CVC, CBI, CIC, Lokpal, and others.


  • What changes are required:


  • When no opposition party wins 55 or more seats, a crisis arises.
  • In such cases, the opposition's numerically largest party should have the right to have a leader recognised as the opposition's leader by the speaker.
  • Furthermore, the 10% phrasing contradicts the law 'the salary and allowances of leaders of opposition in Parliament Act, 1977,' which only states that the largest opposition party should be appointed to the role.


  • Source à The Hindu à 26/11/21 à Page Number 9

Tags : indian national congress, opposition party

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